Anaheim Fleet Maintenance Building where emissions testing for Green Fuel Tabs was doneGreen Fuel Tabs conducted a test with the City of Anaheim Fleet Maintenance Division. The documents that are attached with this case study are the before and after test results by Fleet Maintenance on one of the City's Police Commercial Enforcement vehicles. A Baseline test was performed that followed SAE J1667 Procedures and Standards, and performed on a CalTest 1000 SmokeMeter. The average reading from the Smoke Opacity from the test was 5.2%. 

After the Baseline Test was performed, the vehicle began using Green Fuel Tabs with the next fill-up, and each subsequent fill-up of fuel. The Police Utility truck being tested was driven intermittently for approximately two (2) months time using Green Fuel Tabs. An identical test was then conducted for tailpipe emissions, using the same test equipment at the Anaheim Fleet Maintenance Facility. The test followed the same procedures as the original test. 

The testing showed a change from  5.2% to 2.7% which represents a 48% decrease in emissions in just two months using Green Fuel Tab treated fuel.

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