How do I get the best results (improved MPG and reduced Emissions) from Green Fuel Tab Products? Track your fuel usage and take the following steps*.

Q: How can I best track my mileage?

A: 1. Establish a baseline miles per gallon (MPG) for your vehicle or hours per gallon for your equipment.
         A. Use a minimum of 3 fill ups to establish your baseline MPG
         B. Use the PDF GFT Mileage Log  (Click here), the Excel version of the Mileage Log (Click Here) or click on the other GFT Mileage Log links in blue on this page.
         C. DO NOT use your vehicles on-board computer for mileage tracking for this test. Unless they have been calibrated they aren’t always accurate

    2. Begin treating your fuel with Green Fuel Tabs, Truck Fuel Tabs or GFT/Liquid  - 1 tablet per fill-up or as recommended for the product used; and continue tracking your mileage.

    3.  Use Green Fuel Tab Products (one of the best MPG products available) for a minimum of 5 tanks of fuel (we recommend 10 tanks of fuel). Continue tracking your mileage with the GFT Mileage Log.

    4. Calculate your mileage savings with GFT using the GFT Mileage Log .

    5. You will see an improvement after your first 3 to 5 fill ups while using our Products. Over time it will continue to improve, in most cases with fuel savings in the 10% to 20% range*.

*Note - Some high end cars, newer vehicles (trucks, RVs, motorcycles etc.) and equipment use electronic engine management systems. These on-board Computer Systems may need to be “Reset” to adjust the fuel/air mixture and recognize the benefits of the Green Fuel Tabs formula on the combustion process. If you have used Green Fuel Tab Products for 3 consecutive fill-ups and have not seen improved mileage of 10% or more, you may have an engine with a management system that need to be reset. To find out how to reset your engine’s system see the last question on this page.

Q: How can I tell if my emissions are being reduced?

There is really only one way to tell if your emissions are being reduced - by getting a emissions test at a certified auto mechanic that offers testing.  Here is our recommend procedure:

    1. Establish a baseline emissions test for your vehicle before using any Green Fuel Tabs.  If you have had your vehicle smog tested within the last 3 to 4 months, you can use that existing test as your baseline.  If the test is older than that, you should get your vehicle re-tested. 
         A. Testing should include, but not be limited to, the following test parameters:  Hydrocarbons and CO.
    2. Begin treating your fuel with Green Fuel Tabs, Truck Fuel Tabs or GFT/Liquid - 1 tablet per fill-up or as recommended for each product used.

    3.  Use Green Fuel Tab Products for a minimum of 5 tanks of fuel (we recommend 10 tanks of fuel).
    4. Re-test your emissions after step 3 with the same tests that are used in step 1A.

Q: If I have used several Tanks of fuel treated with Green Fuel Tab Products and have not seen any improvement in my MPG, what should I do?

1. Since you have already used several treated tanks full of fuel, run your engine a minimum of 15 minutes to warm it up.  This will allow the vehicle’s on-board computer system and engine to begin working at everyday operating temperatures.

 2. Unplug both battery terminals for 30 minutes - then re-attach the cables.  This will re-set your engines on-board computer so that the air/fuel mixture will begin to adjust and respond to the Green Fuel Tab treated fuel. Immediately run the engine for another 15 minutes.

3. Continue to use one Green Fuel Tab treated fuel on each fill-up, and you will begin to see a mileage and emissions improvements during your next couple of fill-ups.

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