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Saving You Money at the Pump

Decreasing Your Carbon  Footprint

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Gas and diesel prices are rising once again, and that affects your bottom line. With Truck Fuel Tabs you not only save money at the pump (they increase mileage by 10% to 20%), but save on engine maintenance as well.  So whether you’re and independent or have a fleet of vehicles, Truck Fuel Tabs can help you
save some of your hard earned money.


Easily decrease harmful exhaust emissions with Truck Fuel Tabs while reducing air pollutants (they lower CO, SOx, NOx, HC's and PM-10 emissions). With increased concern over air quality and more stringent emissions standards, Truck Fuel Tabs is a viable solution that will assist you in complying with mandated emissions standards.


Learn how Truck Fuel Tabs can safely increase engine performance (they will not harm engines or effect vehicle manufactures warranty), decrease emissions, improve fuel mileage and reduce truck maintenance costs.  We know that your bottom line is important and that’s where Truck Fuel Tabs really make an impact at the pump and in your equipment.

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Reduce Engine Maintenance with Truck Fuel Tabs

Mechanic who doesn't need to worry with Truck Fuel Tabs

There are a number of ways to know if Truck Fuel Tabs are working, but if you don't want to get an emissions test every other month, a simple way is to track your fuel mileage, both freeway and city driving. Improved fuel mileage has a direct correlation with a cleaner engine, and a cleaner engine results in fewer emissions. Truck Fuel Tabs are an Eco-Friendly Fuel Supplement.  Another easy way to see if it is working is to check your oil. Due to less carbon blow by, your oil will stay cleaner longer. The time it will take to notice a difference will depend on the history of the vehicle, because some engines will have more deposits than others. Truck Fuel Tabs are a catalyst and will remove the deposits, but deposits don't just disappear over night. It may take several full tanks of fuel before this Fuel Saver begins to work. Each vehicle is different. We recommend consistent use of Truck Fuel Tabs in order to completely remove all deposits and keep them from coming back. Everyone should notice a significant difference within 2,000 miles of driving with the consistent use.

Cleaner Engines - Less Maintenance Costs

By simply adding 1 tablet per 50 gallons you can reduce the number of times you visit your mechanic. One of the most important reasons for using Truck Fuel Tabs is that your engine will last longer. Carbon Deposit build-up blocks and restricts oil circulation. These deposits also breakdown engine lubricants. All of this results in greater friction, causing excessive wear. The active ingredients in Truck Fuel Tabs are a catalyst that will burn off any existing deposits, reducing abrasive material and improving lubrication. Consistent use of Truck Fuel Tabs will also prevent new deposits from forming. This catalytic action helps to improve the life of your internal combustion engine, and reduces maintenance costs. Truck Fuel Tabs is both a gas supplement and a diesel fuel supplement that you put into your fuel every time that you fill up. This means your engine stays clean, the environment stays clean, and you receive optimal engine performance, horsepower and fuel efficiency with every mile of every day.


Easily Reduce Truck Emissions from 40% to 70%

Truck Fuel Tabs substantially eliminate harmful exhaust emissions, resulting in less Sulfur Oxide, Carbon Monoxide, and Nitrogen Oxide in the environment!  Each gallon of diesel produces 7.3 lbs of CO2 emissions as stated by the International Carbon Bank and Exchange. Truck Fuel Tabs greatly reduce this CO2 output, often by as much as 75%!  A major benefit of Truck Fuel Tabs is more complete fuel combustion which results in less harmful emissions. For the science behind Truck Fuel Tabs Click Here!



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