Maritime Applications

 Green Fuel Technologies has solutions for the ever increasing cost of fuel for ocean going vessels as well. It’s not only cost savings related to fuel that GFT provides, but also emissions reductions.  As global emissions regulations become tighter, GFT-Liquid concentrate can help you reduce your emissions  - especially smoke particulate matter. Dockside Equipment and vehicles can also benefit from fuel treated with GFT products providing further cost savings and emissions reductions to the marine and shipping industries. 



3rd Party testing of  a VLCC class cargo vessel that traveled from Dubai to China and back to Dubai Using GFT-Liquid Treated Fuel

In 2010 Green Fuel Technologies received the results from this case study demonstrating the effectiveness of GFT-Liquid in the power plants of a Marine Cargo Ship. Performance, Fuel Consumption and Lower Emissions were recorded during the treatment of over One Million Gallons of diesel fuel. Overall results combined a 12.3% increase in speed/performance, plus a 7.3% decrease in fuel consumption, netting a 19.6% total performance gain. A 22% emissions reduction was also achieved. With some adjustments, these substantial benefits could be tuned toward fuel savings or; more toward performance and speed of the vessel without increasing fuel costs. GFT-Liquid also significantly reduced sludge (by more than 33%) in a number of the engines that were measured. There is still more room for GFT-Liquid to optimize combustion in the Ship's power plants. Long-term fuel treatment is expected to further reduce fuel consumption, increasing performance and eliminating emissions.



Green Fuel Tabs Liquid concentrate was tested over a 117 day period in a Premium Sportfishing Group commercial fishing boat. This case study provides a detailed fuel usage comparison and demonstrated that the fishing boat showed a steady fuel economy improvement with the exception of two fishing trips. After the fact it was found that the fuel was not being treated with the GFT for those two time periods. One of the more compelling results that came out of the test was that the fuel economy began to improve again once GFT was reintroduced. The most recent data collected showed a 12.4% performance improvement over the pre-test baseline and a 17.5% increase if the year to year fuel usage is compared. In either case there was a substantial improvement in fuel economy when the fuel was treated with GFT-Liquid. At $4.00 a gallon (current marina fuel pricing) and a 12.4% improvement in fuel economy, savings were over $300 per day. With the fishing boat typically being used 300 days per year, the net savings using GFT-Liquid would be $90,000 dollars annually. As noted during the Study, fuel economy increased steadily from 1.7% to 12.4% (or 17.5% if you use the prior year as your baseline) when the fuel was treated with GFT-Liquid. We do expect the performance to continue to improve and should level out in the 15% to 20% range over the coming months.



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