Savings with Green Fuel Tab Products

  How Much Will They Save You at the Pump? 

1. Each Tablet retails for about $4.00 and will save you $10 to $15 a tank on average. Savings vary depending on your driving conditions, your fuel tank size, and the maintenance of your car. So for the small cost of  a tab, you can get relief from high gas prices by saving $10 to $15 on average every time you fill up your gas tank, by burning your fuel more efficiently and getting more miles out of each tank of gas. To get a more accurate idea of your potential savings refer to the tables that follow. If you would like to track your mileage and savings you can download our PDF Mileage Log (Click Here) or the Excel Mileage Log (Click Here).


2. A 5 pack of Green Fuel Tabs will cost only $20 and yet you can save between $50 to $75 (or more!) per pack.

3. The tabs have a very small initial cost, but can really help you reduce your out of pocket expenses. With gas and diesel costs as high as they are IT ACTUALLY COSTS MORE NOT TO USE GREEN FUEL TABS PRODUCTS.

4. Green Fuel Tabs have the additional benefit of reducing your car’s emissions by up to 70% because your fuel is being burned more completely, instead of becoming carbon deposits and going out the tailpipe. Your engine also runs cleaner and cooler, which results in longer engine life, as well as lowering engine maintenance.  With better fuel efficiency, you will also get a slight increase in power. In fact, most cars and trucks will be able to run on regular unleaded gas or diesel, instead of having to use the higher prices premium grades, which would result in saving another 10 or 20 cents on each gallon of gas you buy. They are a true green fuel technology and one of the best MPG Product lines available.

How Much Do Truck Fuel Tabs Save You at the Pump?

1. Each Tablet retails for about $10.00. Based on $4.00 per gallon/diesel and a 300 gallon tank you can expect to save between $165 and $205 per tank on average. This is a net savings $105 to $145 after the cost tablets. Savings vary depending on your driving conditions, your fuel tank size, and the maintenance of your truck. So for a small investment, you can get relief from high fuel prices by saving $165 to $210 on average every time you fill up your tank, by burning your fuel more efficiently and getting more miles out of each tank of diesel.

2. On average a 6-pack of Truck Fuel Tabs can provide a net saving between $105 and $145 per 300 gallons of fuel. That's a lot!




While Oil Prices are Expected to INCREASE Again this Year

Green Fuel Tab Products Will Save You Money at the Pump



Reduced Engine Maintenance with Green Fuel Tab Products!

There are a number of ways to know if Green Fuel Tabs are working, but if you don't want to get an emissions test every other month, a simple way is to track your fuel mileage, both freeway and city driving. Improved fuel mileage directly correlates with a cleaner engine, and a cleaner engine results in fewer emissions. Green Fuel Tabs are an Eco-Friendly Fuel Supplement.  Another easy way to see if it is working is to check your oil. Due to fewer carbon deposits and less carbon blow by, your oil will stay cleaner longer. The time it will take to notice a difference using our products depends on the history of the vehicle. Some engines will have more deposits than others. Green Fuel Tabs are a catalyst and will remove the deposits, but deposits don't just disappear over night. It may take several full tanks of fuel before the Fuel Savings reach their peak. Each vehicle is different. We recommend consistent use of Green Fuel Tabs in order to completely remove all deposits and keep them from coming back. Everyone should notice a significant difference within 2,000 miles of driving with the consistent use.



By simply using Green Fuel Tabs, Truck Fuel Tabs or GFT-Liquid you can reduce the number of times you have to visit the mechanic as well. One of the most important reasons for using Green Fuel Tab Products is that you can go long between maintenance (oil changes etc.) while extending your engine life. Deposits build up in the engine and breakdown your oil resulting in greater friction and excessive wear. Green Fuel Tabs are a catalyst, that help burn off any existing carbon deposits leaving your engine free of the abrasive material. Consistent use of Green Fuel Tabs will also prevent new deposits from being formed in their place. This catalytic action helps to improve the life of your engine and reduces maintenance costs. Green Fuel Tabs is both a gas supplement and a diesel fuel supplement that you put into your fuel every time that you fill up. This means your engine stays clean, the environment stays clean, and you receive optimal engine performance, horsepower and fuel efficiency every mile of every day.

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