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Green Fuel Tabs, GFT-Liquid and Truck Fuel Tabs have been in use
since 1998. EPA Registered, Manufacturer's Warranty, Diesel, Gas any Fuel,
Lower Fuel Costs, Increased Mileage and Reduced harmful Emissions.

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Save money and Run Green every time you start your Engine!

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Green Fuel Technologies

is the sole manufacturer of the Green Fuel Tab line of Products. With the cost of gasoline and diesel fuel rising and the price of maintaining a vehicle increasing, drivers and Companies in the transport business are demanding proven, environmentally safe methods to save money at the pump. They also want to increase the engine life of their vehicles and other equipment. Each Green Fuel Tab product is a professional grade fuel supplement that works effectively with all classes of gasoline and diesel fuels and, has proven over and over again to reduce fuel consumption, maintenance costs, and substantially reduce exhaust emissions. Green Fuel Tabs, Truck Fuel Tabs and GFT/Liquid are being used in all types of commercial and consumer applications. When you want savings and a reduced carbon footprint think Green Fuel Technologies. (To find out more go to the "Uses" Tab on our Menu or Click here)


Proven performance with every tank

  • Established track record  since 1998
  • Increases mileage by 10% to 20%
  • Completely Safe
  • Will not harm engines or effect vehicle manufactures warranty
  • Environmentally friendly - 100% biodegradable
  • Literally costs you thousands per year NOT to use.

Formulated to improve the performance of your vehicles

  • Improves combustion and increase engine power
  • Reduces deposits to increase the life of your engine
  • Helps reduce Engine maintenance and wear 
  • Improves engine starting and avoids pre-ignition
  • Improves and stabilizes the lubricating and cleaning features of the fuel

Be Green and Drive Clean

  • Reduces all types of toxic exhaust emissions by as much as 70%
    • Contains no alcohol, aromatics, or naphtha
  • Helps prolong the life of Emissions Equipment

Cleaner running engine 
EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) Registered #23772000  


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