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View this video to hear what Jim Lynch CEO has to say about the uses and value of the Green Fuel Technologies line of Products!

Green Fuel Tab product line are the best mpg products a true green fuel technologyTruck Fuel Tab treats 50 gallons of fuel best mpg product a true green fuel technologyGreen Fuel Technologies is the sole manufacturer and "Factory Direct" Distributor of the Green Fuel Tab line of Products. They are simple to use and easy to store; no fuss or mess. A true green fuel technology they are one of the best MPG Product lines available. For most applications you just drop a tab in the tank. Some vehicles have small flap type cover in the gas tank spout. No problem! Just let the tab fall on the flap. When you insert the gas nozzle the flap will open and the tab will be carried into the tank by the fuel you pump. With Green Fuel Tabs and Truck Fuel Tabs, our proprietary “Quick Dissolve” process is used to liquefy the tabs as soon as it reaches your tank. This means the tab is dissolved, dispersed, and ready to go to work burning your fuel more efficiently before you're finished filling up. The GFT tabs proprietary quick dissolve process also makes the tabs perfectly safe to use in your vehicle. We are so confident in the safety of our products we provide two levels of protection for our users, a "Money Back Guarantee" and "Product Liability Insurance". Click here for more details on how we stand behind our products. 

Green Fuel Tabs Dissolve in a tankGreen Fuel Tabs and Truck Fuel Tabs can be stored indefinitely using the original packaging provided it is kept out of high heat locations (i.e. direct sun-light for prolonged periods or next to heat generating sources).

 Our GFT/Liquid is designed for commercial and industrial applications. The Liquid is delivered directly into storage tanks. Any vehicle using the fuel from a treated tank will receive the same benefits of increased mileage and reduced emissions as a vehicle treated using a tab. This is ideal for fleet applications, ocean going shipping vessels, and any industrial use where fuel is delivered from high capacity tanks on a large scale basis.

The Green Fuel Technologies products will work with ANY FOSSIL FUEL delivered to an engine in liquid form; gas, diesel, methanol, ethanol, kerosene, bunk fuel. The list goes on. They also work with any octane level. In many cases using GFT products can eliminate the need for higher octane more expensive fuels in high performance/high compression engines. Here are images of the actual Green Fuel Technology products.  


 10 Gallon Green Fuel Tab, best mpg product   Our 1/2 gram tab is designed to treat 1 to 10 gallons of fuel (gas or diesel). During 2014 we anticipate releasing tabs with score             marks that can be used efficiently as partial tabs for small capacity tanks.



Green Fuel Tabs 10 to 20 gallons of fuel, best mpg product   Our standard 1 gram tab is formulated for treating 10 to 20 gallons of fuel




Truck Fuel Tab treats 50 gallons of fuel best mpg product a true green fuel technology

    Our new Truck Fuel Tabs are 2.5 grams that will treat up to 50 gallons of (gas or diesel)



One Gallon Green Fuel Tabs GFT/Liquid treats 5000 gals gas or desiel

Our liquid concentrate product is designed for high volume- large capacity applications.  One gallon of our liquid product treats 5000 US gallons or 18,925 Liters of fuel. We also deliver in 30 Gallon and 55 Gallon drums for large volume users.






EPA sealGreen Fuel Tab Products are registered with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) #237720001.


Easily Reduce All Types of Emissions From Cars, Trucks, boats; gas or diesel. Anything that has an Internal Combustion Engine. Just use Green Fuel Tabs, Truck Fuel Tabs or GFT/Liquid!


Green Fuel Tab Products eliminate all types of harmful exhaust and emissions resulting in less Sulfur Oxide, Carbon Monoxide, and Nitrogen Oxide in the environment!   Each gallon of Gas produces 19.3 lbs of CO2 emissions as stated by the International Carbon Bank and Exchange. Our Products greatly reduce this CO2 output by making any fossil fuel cleaner burning. They also lower CO, SOx, NOx, HC's and PM-10 emissions (all of which are hazardous emissions that degrade air quality, promote global warming and are harmful to your health).  Run Clean and Green with Green Fuel Technology Products!

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