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Welcome to Green Fuel Technologies™Reduce Your Carbon Footprint with Green Fuel Technology Products

Green Fuel Technologies is the sole manufacturer of the Green Fuel Tab line of Products. We are committed to sparking a "CLEAN AIR REVOLUTION" by creating products that not only deliver savings to our customers but also positively impact the environment. With energy costs continuing to soar worldwide and growing concerns for protecting our fragile environment, we believe it imperative to empower you with good options for relief against rising energy costs with products that not only provide great efficiency of fuel consumption but help curtail the effects of global climate change.



 Green Fuel Technologies offers a complete line of products that can make a difference by reducing the amounts of harmful green house gasses produced as a by-product of the incomplete burning of fossil fuels. Our Products greatly reduce CO2 output by making any fossil fuel cleaner burning. They also lower CO, SOx, NOx, HC's and PM-10 emissions (all of which are hazardous emissions that degrade air quality, promote global warming and are harmful to your health). 

So whether your application is transportation, vehicle fleets, cargo shipping, automotive, industrial or commercial, we can help you reduce your operation costs for energy while significantly reducing your global carbon footprint.

 Contact us with your unique energy needs and let’s work together to reduce energy expenses while working toward a cleaner environment.
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