Brick and Mortar Retailers – Jump Start Program

This offer is geared toward small and medium size “Brick and Mortar” retailers. The opportunity is to sell a breakout green tech product, new to the retail market, with minimal investment and no long term commitment. Why Green Fuel Tabs?

1. Green Fuel Tabs appeal to the savvy cost conscious shopper looking to save money using the latest technology. They increase mileage by up to 20%.
2. As a “Green” product they also appeal to a growing number of environmental conscious consumers. Green Fuel Tabs reduces harmful emissions up to 75%.
3. The displays are perfect for every type of store; from auto-parts to
convenient stores to specialty retailers to Big Box outlets.
4. Bright attractive retail-friendly packaging.
5. Buy “Factory Direct from the Manufacturer”.

Our “Jump Start Program” pricing provides margins of 25% to 35% (or more) for retailers depending on the quantity of merchandise purchased.  Orders can be as small as a 12 blister-pack counter-top display. An added benefit of this offer is payment can be deferred for 30 days. To take advantage of this offer first; Create an Account on our website (Click here). Then call or email for pricing, terms, shipping/handling and final purchase instructions at: 657-888-2479 or . Please mention this program when you contact us.

 For details, display options and RETAIL PRICING go to our retailers’ collection page. (Click here)




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