This case study demonstrates the effectiveness of GFT/Liquid on a Marine Cargo Ship. Performance, Fuel Consumption and Lower Emissions were recorded during the treatment of over One Million Gallons of diesel fuel. Overall results combined a 12.3% increase in speed/performance, plus a 7.3% decrease in fuel consumption, netting a 19.6% total performance gain. A 22% emissions reduction was also achieved. With some adjustments, these substantial benefits could be tuned toward fuel savings or; more toward performance and speed of the vessel without increasing fuel costs. GFT/Liquid also significantly reduced sludge (by more than 33%) in a number of the properly operating engines that were measured. There is still more room for GFT/Liquid to optimize combustion in this ship's engines. Long-term fuel treatment is expected to further reduce fuel consumption, increasing performance and eliminating emissions.

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