Dear Green Fuel Tabs, Consider this my endorsement of your product. I began using the Green Fuel Tabs about 2 months ago in my personal vehicle, a 6 speed manual transmission 2006 Z51 Corvette. Despite being my daily drive vehicle this Corvette has some bolt-on performance parts and makes about 500 HP. 

2006 Z51 Corvette increases mileage by 19.5% with an increase in power and lower emissions using Green Fuel TabsFuel mileage is pretty good for a performance car of this type. I tend to drive with a pretty heavy foot, which yields about 14.5 mpg with a combination of 50% City and 50% freeway driving. The Corvette is efficient on the freeway and gets 25 to 27 mpg on long trips but around town it is hard to keep the mileage up.Fuel 
With Green Fuel Tabs I started noticing performance and gas mileage increases right from the start. After two tanks of gas with the tabs, we re-set the engine management system as described in your literature and on your website. At that point the benefits were clear as a bell. To summarize:
  • My long-term mileage has gone from an average if 14.5 mpg straight up to 18 mpg. That is a 19.5% increase in fuel economy. At the low cost per GFT tab, and gas at an average of $3.90 per gallon, driving my typical 1800 miles per month I end up with a net savings of almost $80 per month. But the benefits don’t stop there! I used to use octane boosters most of the time. With Green Fuel Tabs I no longer see a need to use a booster because the seat of the pants power has increased noticeably and is consistent day in and day out.  I am actually considering dropping a grade in gasoline just too see how my car runs, as I don't think I need the premium gas now, and it will bring my savings to over $105 per month.
  • Even though I work in the performance car arena I like to think we are “Green” in that most of our cars run cleaner after they have been modified then when they come to us. So with Green Fuel Tabs we also like the added benefit of fewer pollutants at the tail pipe. Visual inspections and running the car inside our garage indicates something good is happening in the area of reduced emissions. I had the car smog-tested last time it was registered and look forward to running my car through the smog test again with Green Fuel Tabs. We will let you know the results. Please feel to call or email me if you have questions.
A Green Fuel Tabber for Life! Daniel Romero, Orange CA Dr-RPM (Daniel Romero Racing, Performance and Motorsports)