Honda Insight increases mpg from 43 to nearly 60 mpg using Green Fuel TabsA few months ago I got some of your Green Fuel Tabs; but I wasn't sure they were safe in my Honda Hybrid because the tank is so small, so I talked to you about it the last time we ran into each other………..I found it (the pack) this weekend and just filled up in L.A.. I usually get about 43 miles/gallon (MPG) in my Honda Insight, but I hit a peak of over 60 mpg using a tab (Green Fuel Tabs) as measured using my on-board computer……………….I don’t know what’s in them, but Wow!

I told my daughter about it because she drives an Audi TT, which requires premium gas. I read on your site that premium gas buyers can drop their fuel at least one grade, maybe even two grades, which would save another .10 to .20 (cents) a gallon. I think the biggest marketing challenge you face is to convince people that it’s safe to but the tablet (tabs) into their gas tank………..

    J. Johnson-GreenTech Communications   Honda Insight Engine treated with Green Fuel Tabs improves mileage significantly