Truck Fuel Tabs in my Ford pickup improve mileage, mpg by  15%

I started using Truck Fuel Tabs in my Ford pickup. I normally drive about 60 miles each way on my commute to work in southern California, so I was using a lot of gas, and watching my gas bill soar as prices keep climbing. So I had nothing to lose, and a lot to gain in trying Truck Fuel Tabs. After 2 weeks of use, and calculating my mileage carefully, I saw my mileage go up by over 10%. I was a believer then, since this was more than worth it for me. 2 weeks later I checked my mileage again, and now it was up to 12%, and I was really happy. But the longer I used Truck Fuel Tabs, the better it got, as my mileage increased to over 15% improvement. I've calculated that I am saving over $16 (net) on each tank of gas that I buy now, and it really helps with gas at almost $4/gallon.

D.G. - Pasadena,CA