(Truck Fuel Tabs) GFT running in a Diesel cross-country Rig improves MPG by 15%To whom this concerns: A good friend convinced me to try Green Fuel Tabs (Truck Fuel Tabs) in one of my trucks which runs from California to Dallas, Texas every week. After obtaining a baseline mpg of 5.5, we added GFT to the fuel system and forgot all about it. After our driver arrived in Dallas and reported his mileage and fuel purchases in gallons, I was surprised to see a 15% increase in mileage and a resulting net savings of $192 on the round trip! Needless to say, we're using GFT in every subsequent tank of diesel and
the resulting increase in power and fuel economy continue to impress.
The $9,600 per year savings are much appreciated. I'm telling everyone about Truck Fuel Tabs. It's the competitive advantage that every carrier should investigate.

John W. Andrews
President/Promised Land Express, Inc.